A short message from the Queen... "Some leaders rise naturally out of a crowd but others are shaped based on their life circumstances. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be one of the first women’s MMA fighters and to be able to pave the way for the other great women fighters to follow. It all started with meeting Mark Hall and he allowed me the opportunity to enter into the sport when everyone else thought women fighting wouldn’t pull crowds, boy were they wrong. Since my last fight back in October 2004 I have come a long way professional and personally. I am a strong community leader and business owner. I owe a lot of it to this sport and Mark Hall and our humble beginnings together."


Cobra Productions and the Cobra Fighting Federation was very proud to announce the birth of their CFF Women’s MMA Fight League. The 1999 Cobra Challenge ushered in the first CFF Women’s MMA fight which featured Nicole Albrecht in a great and memorable victory over Miss Peggy Brown after an awesome battle. Peggy Brown retired which left Miss Nicole Albrecht, “The Queen Cobra”, standing firm as the Champion of Mark’s new founded CFF Women’s MMA Fight League. Out of the Ring Miss Nicole was a model champion, intelligent, sweet, thoughtful, kind, gentle and fiercely independent, Inside the Ring, The Queen Cobra was fearless, tenacious, relentless, and powerful. The fans really connected with her and adored her.


Peggy Brown

Mark Hall

Nicole Albrecht


The Queen Cobra had joined Canyon Martial Arts School owned and operated by Mr. Steve Harriman, who also now managed her. She was very enthusiastic about her new sport and her new found popularity and began training everyday like a professional. Mark saw how hard Nicole was working so he worked equally as hard to find her fair matchups for his events. Mark’s search introduced him to a female fighter from Orange County California, Miss Trisha Williams. Trisha was managed by her Father, Mr. Chip Williams and after a few conversations with him Mark signed both women to his Cobra Open 2000 event. Both these gals had done their homework and were displaying a variety of newly founded skills and were very exciting to watch. The fight had it all and then some, stand up striking, ground and pound, elbows, knees, and chokes. Even though The Queen Cobra was more in control and clearly dominated most of the fight, the event ended in a draw.


Queen Cobra

Mark Hall

Trisha Williams


After this event female fighters were coming out of the woodwork contacting Mark to fight in his future events. Mark’s MMA Women’s fight league was taking off and making early MMA History. Unlike the male fighters, the female fighters were few. If one got injured before the event or just didn’t show up then Mark had to pull the fight. He would always attempted to sign at least three to four women on the fight card, that way even if one or two couldn’t make it to the event for one reason or another, Mark still had at least one women’s fight on the card.


Mark’s next MMA Fighting Event, The Cobra Challenge 2000 boasted three women fights including a bloody rematch between The Queen Cobra Nicole Albrecht, and Miss Trisha Williams who fought each other in The Cobra Open 2000 to a draw. The rematch went the distance and was very bloody and action packed. Their ground game, technique, stand up and ground striking had improved one hundred percent. Many saw this fight as another draw but in the end Trisha Williams was declared the winner. Both women showed great courage and determination and the twenty five hundred fans in attendance were truly impressed.


Also competing in The Cobra Challenge 2000, was Miss Mayra Conde who was matched against a very tough and determined women fighter, Miss Val Leota “The Strong Warrior”. Val remained true to her name by displaying herself as a Strong Warrior attempting to punch Mayra’s head off, but in the end it was Mayra’s Jiu Jitsu skills that got her the first round win by choke submission.


The third women’s fight of the evening in this same event was also a great fight between two women who love to fight, Miss Olga Conde vs. Miss Angela Tyler. The bell rang and both women came out of their corners swinging for the fences. But Olga’s take down and guard skill quickly secured her a first round win over Angela Tyler with an Americana arm-lock.


Queen Cobra vs. Trisha Williams

Mayra Conde vs. Val Leota

Olga Conde vs. Angela Tyler


As Cobra Productions and Mark’s Cobra Fighting Federation Women’s MMA Fight League pressed forward a few journalists continued to use Mark’s MMA Women’s Fight League as ammunition twisting and diminishing him as a MMA Promoter insinuating that women didn’t belong in MMA period, and continued to insist that allowing women to participate in his events was diminishing the sport. But after watching these women train hard and participate in MMA Mark came to the very real conclusion that women do belong in this sport. Mark’s vision was ahead of his time but now Mr. Dana White of the UFC has founded his own MMA Women’s Fight league giving female fighters the chance to make their dreams come true. In Mark’s words, “I want to congratulate him. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we all owe a lot to Mr. Dana White. He is a man of big vision who not only saw his own dream come true to not only be an MMA Fight Promoter but to be the biggest MMA Fight Promoter in the world and to go on to make many a MMA fighter’s dreams come true. Congratulations Sir, you are a true Icon of this great sport”.


Not all of Mark’s visions were good ideas, like the time he signed a woman to fight a man. The fight was penciled in on the fight card for The Cobra Open 2000, March 11th. Mrs. Criss Pieters who was a mountain of a woman and mean as a snake was presented a contract to fight in the event against another woman but she insisted that she wanted to fight a man. Mark had a choice to either honor her request or pull the fight from the card. Mark could not put her up against any male fighter so he sent his scouts out to find her a willing male opponent that would afford her a good chance at victory. Mark was actually just trying to keep Criss happy and was hoping she would just end up fighting the woman opponent he had lined up for her, but to his surprise his scouts found someone that met his requirements. Mr. John Cannon was a beer belly toting, wife beater wearing local man that was behind on his bills and thanked Mark for the opportunity. The fight had a lot of action and the crowd loved it, laughing and screaming all at the same time. In the end Criss Pieters handed John’s ass to him giving him two black eyes a busted nose and a bruised and battered body. Even though the audience loved it the critics were not kind to Mark and he never signed another woman vs. man fight. In the end Criss Pieters continued exercising, lost a lot of weight and was hired by a local Casino as a Security Officer. She gave Mark a lot of credit for her new life and he was very proud of her.


The Queen Cobra was back in the spot light where she loved to be as a participant in the Cobra Classic 2000 August 26th 2000. The Queen was coming off that controversial loss to Trisha Williams and she had the look of redemption in her eyes. Her opponent was Miss Jesseca Simpson from Temecula California. The Queen Cobra came out in full form banging with Jesseca Simpson. Both gals were landing a fury of blows, standing up and on the ground. Jesseca Simpson was a tough woman but the Queen Cobra had matured as a fierce woman fighter and wasn’t going down tonight. She wanted to win fair and square and she did just that. Jesseca submitted late in the second round due to a rear naked choke applied in pro form by the beloved Queen Cobra. The Queen Cobra defended her title again and again and improved with every fight. Her experience showed up in The Cobra Challenge 2001 June 3rd with a very intense fight and victory over Debbie Bozaro in one minute thirty six seconds of the first round by tap-out submission from a rain storm of punches and elbows from the mounted position. Debbie Bazaro had nothing to be ashamed of. She fought like a warrior and landed some great headshots but was just overwhelmed by the experience and strength of The Queen Cobra.


Queen Cobra vs. Jessica Simpson

Queen Cobra vs. Debbie Bazaro

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