The press and everyone else involved on Ken Shamrock’s side have twisted this story from the very beginning. I couldn’t speak to the press about it because of the pending litigation. Ken has continued to run his deceptive mouth about it for years. Now it’s my turn, and I am going to set the record straight with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Ken Shamrock agreed to help Promote my MMA Events by doing radio shows and other promotional duties such as appearing at my events , commentating and entering his fighters ect. I introduced him to my sponsors who also hooked him up with a ton of merchandise, and cash. Ken wants to down play what was given to him, of course, that’s what people do when they burn you. In all he received about six grand in Merchandise and cash. I know it doesn’t seem like much by today’s MMA standards but back then it was a fortune. Then suddenly my sponsors backed out, and Ken was no longer coordinating with me to show up to my event. He wasn’t answering any of my phone calls either. Instead he was having his wife answer his calls but he wasn’t calling me back. Instead he’s out playing golf with my sponsors who are also denying any further relationship with Ken. I knew I had just got burned!! I had to completely reconstruct my entire event, which they claimed no responsibility for.


News travels fast in this business and it didn’t take me long to find the Rat. Terry Trebilcock always had his ear to the ground looking for anything to twist and turn around on me and when he caught wind that Ken and I were doing business together he couldn’t let that happen and he seized the opportunity with sinister intentions, and Ken took the bait. Terry must have given Ken a lot of money. That’s one thing Terry had that I didn’t and it never worked for him up till now. When I talked to Terry he said he hadn’t done anything wrong, he said “Its just business man,” then laughed.


Terry and Ken just cost me twenty thousand dollars and part of my reputation with my casino and I swore that I would get the last laugh. Ken still wasn’t answering his telephone and I knew that he was standing right there because I heard him. I told his wife that he owes me twenty thousand dollars in damages and all he had to do was write me a check and I would walk away. Instead she told me to go screw myself and hung up on me. I tried calling back over and over at different times, and no answer. Suddenly Ken and Terry launched a campaign against me with the intention to shut me down. Ken and his wife, along with Terry, were using their connections with the State Athletic Commission to send me correspondence regarding the apparent illegality of my events and the California State Law. This was followed up with an imminent, “ STOP OR ELSE,” to my casino manager. Fortunately the casino backed me up, but still I was infuriated.


I had had it from Terry, and enough was enough, I really don’t think Ken knew the extent and history of Terry’s sinister behavior and bad intentions on me from my very first event at my casino and all the darts that I had already taken from him. I don’t think Ken realized that Terry was using him big time, and that he was just a puppet. Funny what money does to some people. I called Ken from another phone and his wife answered, I asked to speak to Ken, she said hang on, I heard her talking to Ken, then everything went quiet, then she returned to the phone and cursed me out and told me not to call anymore. All I told her was that she sounded like a bitch, just so she would get Ken on the damn phone. Later when all this came to a head Ken told the press that I called his wife a slut, a whore and a bitch, which, of course, was completely false. Ken always tried to divert everyone’s attention away from the damages that he burned me out of, by making our dispute look like he was just standing up for the honor of his wife, Yea, sure Ken.


What Terry had already been doing to me, and now what he and his new recruit, Ken Shamrock were doing to me cost me a lot of grief, both economic and emotional. Together, Ken and Terry had a lot of people on their side, and sadly enough most of them were just afraid of getting black-balled from the business if they went against them, Terry sensed I was weak and he seized the opportunity, to finish me off. Fortunately to Terry’s arrogant surprise, and praise be to God , I had many supporters that were willing to back me up including the casino, fighters, managers and folks who just didn’t like the arrogance and vanity of Ken and Terry, in general, including people in there own circle.


Embarrassed by Ken’s unsubstantiated actions and bullying against me, Ken’s own Dad, Mr. Bob Shamrock offered me his support as well. I have, and had tremendous respect for Bob as he proved to be an extraordinary gentleman. He respected and recognized me as a fighter and MMA promoter and would bring several fighters to my event. Bob presented me with a Promoter’s Certificate with his endorsement on it. I still have this endorsement on my wall as a symbol of Bob’s friendship. Again, Mr. Bob Shamrock was at the forefront in working with the State Athletic Commission in all efforts toward achieving the legality of the sport. Bob was always an outstanding man, and so was Ken when he was with his Dad. It is unfortunate that Ken chose to take Terry’s bait and join his forces in an all out effort to force me right out of the MMA Promotion Business. However with justice in the Lord’s hands an evil plan typically backfires. I am thankful and very grateful for the support received by all the wonderful individuals who continued to support me. Good will always win at the end. Understanding that God is in control, and that is exactly where I rested.


I am a fighter and promoter, I understand the heart, devotion and respect in the Octagon and outside of it. This is my chosen sport and most of the people that attended Terry’s MMA Events were friends of mine and I never once put any of them in a cross-fire between Terry and I, but the same cannot be said for Terry, So Sad! There is a major difference from running a bodybuilding gym and understanding the heart and passion of a fighter, we as fighters are in it for everything, not just the money.


Again, Terry was banned from my MMA Events as he would disrespect the sport and the business. He knew all his efforts from that angle had failed, but now he had his secret weapon in place, his puppet, Kenneth Wayne Shamrock, and the battle was just getting started. Terry called and gave me that, “No Hard Feelings”, line, then offered me four complimentary tickets to his next MMA Event. He said, “I like you Mark and since we’re both MMA Fight Promoters we should also be friends, Yea, sure Terry, I like you too, just like I like gonorrhea. He even offered me four of the best seats in the house, imagine that?? He wanted to make damn sure I was there. Terry had already tried to ambush me on two different other occasions now he’s recruited Ken Shamrock and all his fighters, so I knew to don my armor for this one. Mind you, I didn’t go over there to beat Terry on his own turf, I am much more skilled than that. I already knew that’s usually not legally possible. As a professional bouncer in the roughest bars for years I knew that someone coming over to your house isn’t as prepared for you as you are for them, but Terry way underestimated my years of acquired skills as a professional bodyguard and bouncer. I was one hundred and ten percent sure that Terry had set me up for an ambush. Folks might say, ‘Then why did you go over there in the first place?” Its simple, if this was going to come to a head somewhere then I knew a crowded casino with camera’s everywhere would work much better in my favor legally, than anywhere else. I also knew when the ambush did take place, not to fight back, if I did I knew it would be called a mutual settlement between two fighters, and that was just the nature of the business. Remember, I used to teach this stuff in my hi-level self defense and bouncer classes. I always taught my students to put themselves in a good legal position in every confrontation. I call it the win, win. You win the physical confrontation and you win the civil suit after wards, if there is one, which can kick your ass way more than the physical confrontation. Just ask Ken, but in this particular situation I already knew I would lose the physical confrontation on purpose, if I didn’t my civil suit would have no power. I had meditated on this whole thing way ahead of time, and when I arrived at the casino an hour early and began looking around at everything, especially where Terry had my seats, I knew I had called it right, sure enough, Terry and Ken had set me up big-time.


My complimentary seats were strategically placed at the top of this platform overlooking the floor and the Octagon. Ken and his lynch men had seats up there too, I saw their names reserving their sets. At the back of this large hand built elevated platform was a stair case leading up to the platform, that whole area was very dark. Most folks would call that a safety issue because there were no lights on this staircase or at the bottom landing. But I saw it as a deliberate act to leave the lights off. I am very smart when it comes to shit like this and I could tell from where Ken and his lynch men were going to be sitting that this was where the ambush would take place. There wasn’t one doubt in my mind. Come on you guys, give me a little credit, did you really think I was that stupid?? My Grandmother could have seen that one coming.


I had already noticed Ken and his posse, or for better words, lynch men, standing all the way on the other side of the venue floor surrounding Ken as he was being interviewed and filmed by a roaming camera. I knew right away, if I was going to get ambushed that night that would be the perfect spot in my favor, it was lit up and the casino cameras had every inch covered so instead of them choosing the time and spot where this criminal act would take place I chose the time and place myself, I know they never dreamed that I was that tactful and strategic. Gotcha!! Here are two people, Ken Shamrock and Terry Trebilcock who stole thousands of dollars from me and launched a big campaign together to run me out of the MMA business for unsubstantiated, selfish and self centered reasons of their own. Now they are about to diminish me even more by a premeditated criminal ambush. Can you believe it!! Who in the hell do they think they are? The Mob?? Also Ken had just come off his tour with the WWF and was in top shape for his entry back into the MMA spotlight. I was retired, was battling a severe heart condition and had not trained for at least a year. I was definitely the victim here and I was already feeling very violated. I wanted to cut their “F” heads off. I was infuriated, but I took some deep breaths and kept really cool. I knew I could pull this off and I already knew that I wasn’t going to try and get into Ken’s pockets, even at that moment I knew that I would sue Ken and force him into a fight with me. And that’s exactly what I did. Ken always tried to make me look like I was a sue happy gold digger, but from the very beginning that was never my intent, but because of our pending litigation I could not let any of this information out, which allowed Ken and Terry to really play this up with the press in making Ken look like the victim. Anyone else getting mugged for absolutely no reason at all, by someone who also stole a lot of money from them would have done the exact same thing, or should I say, they would have wanted to do the exact same thing, but most people aren’t skilled enough to turn something like that back around and stick it right back up their ass. Oh, because I was that skilled so it makes me wrong? I don’t think so.



I hadn’t told any of the three people that I had brought with me that night that I had suspected anything like that. I knew they would be better witnesses if they weren’t coerced. They were walking around the venue talking to people. Then one of those dudes, Eric Klepper, came up the back stairs to check where we were going to be sitting. I decided to take Eric with me but I didn’t want to tell him why. I knew there were bathrooms over there where Ken was being interviewed, so I told Eric that we better use the bathroom now before the big crowd comes in, and he said, “OK.” I thought, Perfect!, In case they tried to say that I was purposely coming toward them to beat up Ken then Eric would be a great witness to say that I was only going to the bathroom. As we made our way towards the bathroom I purposely made myself tall so I would be noticed by Ken and his fifteen lynch men. I wanted to test to see how alarmed they became., and sure enough!!!!! I was right on. As I walked towards the vestibule area where the bathrooms were I noticed Ken’s Boys were already alerting him of my presents. Ken terminated the interview and began walking over towards me. Vernon White through his jacket over the Roaming Camera, all Ken’s Lynch men got behind me in all attempts to block me in that small vestibule area by the bathrooms. Like I was scared, and was going to run from Ken, LOL. WOW! They were all working together very efficiently, they didn’t even have to speak to each other, they knew exactly what to do, because it was already planed and rehearsed. I called it right!! Ken then positioned himself right in front of me and his puppets began hitting me from behind, Ken had intent in his eyes and in his body language so I knew exactly what he was about to do, and I was right again, suddenly Ken unloaded his right hand, sucker punch, “AMBUSH” he hit me as hard as he could on the left side of my face and he still didn’t knock me out, I purposely fell on the ground and laid there while he finished his assault, he followed up with head stomps, kicks, punches, elbows and knees. I already knew there was a camera positioned in that vestibule area getting the whole thing on tape. “Perfect,” Thank You Ken for your cooperation,. He didn’t even invite me outside to settle this like a man. What a scared cowered and bully. A Bully is described as someone who won’t fight fair, or fight at all, if he thinks he might lose or get hurt. Ken was insecure and hesitated a fair confrontation with me. But I knew I had my ticket to force him in the cage now. I got him over a barrel. “Gotcha” look what your boyfriend, Terry Trebilcock, got you into this time, I sure hope he paid some of your legal bills, I stood up off the floor with a bloody nose and mouth, I guess they thought I was going to run. I wasn’t the least bit scared at all, but repulsed by such cowardly vile action. I asked him if he was done and he just looked at me.

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To empower my civil suit I knew I needed to act like a battered victim, I asked security that the police and an ambulance be called. It was very obvious to me that I would get no where with the Casino Brass as they were all on Ken’s side. When the officer arrived, instead of doing his police work he was over there getting Ken’s Autograph. Can you believe it!! He was spell bound by Ken’s presents, LOL. Ken Quickly recruited another puppet. I was the victim and the cop was completely siding with Ken and his other fifteen puppets. Ken told his lie and the cop ate it up. Cops like that make me sad because they make their whole department look bad. Ken said that I walked up to him, got in his face, verbally assaulted him, then head-butt him, then he followed up with his self defense moves, Yea, sure Ken. I told the cop that I never touched Ken and that I was just going to the bathroom before the event started when Ken aggressively ran over to me and ambushed me with a sucker punch then followed up with head stomps, punches, kicks, elbows and knees while I was on the ground. He told me he didn’t believe my story, because he had thirty people backing up Ken’s story and only four backing up mine. I told him that he was Celebrity struck and biased and was not doing his job correctly and that I wanted another police officer, he would not grant me that right. Ken didn’t even have a mark on him. I tried to tell the cop that if I head-butt him he would have had a big mark and bump on his face somewhere. The cop said, “not always”, can you believe !t? I think they all temporarily forgot about the casino tape that my Lawyer would subpoena later. “Exhibit A”. Even Ken and Terry’s Puppet MMA Journalists, who had been giving everyone of my MMA Events bad reviews, said he witnessed the attack and told the cop that I head-butt Ken, he even followed up his lie in his MMA review on the event and in a Ken Shamrock interview that was posted on his website.


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Even after all the damage that this puppet journalist caused to my MMA events and my reputation, during my promotion career, I still had not revealed his real name, Because I don’t like to diminish journalists, they can cause you problems, but now that he has been caught in an outright lie that can be traced and proven, I am going to reveal his name, Rafiel Torre. Ken has done an interview on “YouTube” years after this cowardly assault and guess what? He never mentioned a head-butt. Now, why would he leave that out? Because it never “F” happened, that’s why. That’s a pretty big major opening blow to begin an assault, something that you just don’t forget, but Ken never mentions it at all as he tells the whole story again on “YouTube”. Now he says, “ that I looked like I was going to hit him so he hit me first.” I not only have signed affidavits from several eye witnesses that really did see the whole thing that night, ( see affidavits ),but now I have the truth coming right out or the horses mouth. Now Mr. Rafiel Torre your journalist’s integrity is in question. I didn’t know a good journalists could be biased, I honestly expected Ken’s lynch men to lie but not you, you’re a journalists, it has always been my understanding that Journalists need to hold the highest integrity level. Shame on you Rafiel Torre. During my promotion career Rafiel Torre abused his position as a Journalists many times due to his biased towards Terry Trebilcock and Ken Shamrock. His shameful and often revolting integrity cost me a lot. I don’t think anyone should ever believe a damn word he ever says anymore. “Don’t worry Rafiel, there’s always Barber College. Now your new name is “Puppet Torre”, if the shoe fits, wear it!


Anyway, I went to the hospital to get official documentation via photographs and therefore make a Civil Case against Ken Shamrock. Again, from the very beginning, and despite all the Tabloid Lies of the Press, and Ken Shamrock’s big mouth, my lawyer and I made it very clear that I was not pursuing a financial victory, but a chance to get him in the cage, one on one. No bodyguards, no puppets, no lynch men, no Terry, just me and him. If Ken rejected the Challenge then he would be forced to settle out of his own pocket. Ken Lawyerd up and together they negotiated with “PRIDE” in Japan to take the fight. The San Diego Judge laughed as he stated that people who sue each other usually are mad and want to fight each other, but, this is the first time I actually ordered a fight. Knowing I couldn’t talk about anything during the case, Ken always tried to make everyone believe that this whole thing was over me cursing out his wife over the phone and him defending her honor, like he’s some sort of super hero, very far from the truth. The reality was that Ken and Terry stole thousands of dollars from me, diminished my reputation then stomped me in the “F” ground. Praise God! He turned everything around in my favor. I’ve never sued anyone in my entire life for financial gain. I’ve never even been sued myself, except from Ken, who counter sued me, for what? Getting stomped in the ground? Telling the truth? I was never gold digging him like he wanted everyone to believe. I don’t handle my business like that. He told these lies to diminish me to everyone in the MMA business so everyone would be afraid to do business with me, no one wants to go near a sue happy gold digger. That was just one of many nails they put in my coffin in their relentless efforts to run me out of the MMA Promotion Business. I knew that inside the cage was the only legal place that I could get revenge. And I knew that unless I got him over a barrel he would not accept my challenge, pretty smart huh? I think anyone else would have done the same thing, if they could have, it was a very skilled move.


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To say this fight was billed as a Grudge Match would be an understatement, so it’s no surprise that the Japanese wanted to market the fight as a “Grudge Match” and requested all the litigation paperwork to build the promotion campaign. The Japanese audience and Pride Fighting Promoters seemed to be very attracted to the drama behind the fight. Pride sent me twenty thousand dollars to start training for the grudge match of the century. Curiously that represented the estimated amount Terry and Ken stole from me. In the end good always wins. I told Ken’s wife over the phone that I will get back every dime they stole from me, and I did, and my actions were justified, Thank You Jesus. As the fight date approached Ken cancelled. Another fight date was set. I trained for that date and Ken cancelled again. He probably knew that I was going to spank him just like Teto Ortiz did. I have never seen someone’s face so beat up inside the UFC cage in my entire career. I fought some big dudes inside that cage, like the World Heavyweight Champion Don Frye, and I never lost one drop of blood inside the UFC Octagon. In the early days Ken had the luxury of choosing his opponents that offered Ken a level of comfort. However, Ken’s not the “Poster Boy” anymore, as my friend Tank Abbott would say, “No More Glamrock”. This change forced Ken to face reality when fighters like Teto Ortiz show up. I could not recognize Ken’s face after that beating took place, I’ve never seen a fighter so swollen and bloody, can someone say, “Blood Transfusion.” In one of Ken’s recent interviews he said he’s looking forward to a third fight with Teto Ortiz, he said he was going to do something different in this fight. He said he was going to take Jesus into this fight with him this time. As a devout Christian myself I think that is a very good idea, because he’s going to need him, and he might even see him.

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Ken and Terry stomped me in the ground and then buried me, but what they didn’t realize is that they just merely planted me. I rose back up through the soil and put my side of the story out there to set the record straight. What Ken and Terry Did to me cost me a lot of economic and emotional grief and they never took responsibility for it, so it was hard to keep my feelings out of the story and just present the facts. Especially since he never manned up and stepped in the cage with me. But I hired a Psychic to predict what would have happened : Royce Gracie beat Ken Shamrock in UFC # 1; Howard Harold beat Royce Gracie in UFC # 3; Mark Hall beat Howard Harold in UFC # 7; Therefore I beat Ken Shamrock.


Mark "The Cobra" Hall vs. Ken "The Lion" Shamrock

The Victory will be MINE!


If Ken has a problem with this prediction then come and prove my Psychic wrong. Let’s settle our dispute in the most Undisputed Battle Ground in The World, The UFC Octagon. And let’s make our Dispute Undisputed. Quite acting as a scared Cowered, making excuses and running your big mouth twelve years later, and meet me in the middle of the Octagon, being we are the # 1 Grudge Match in MMA History we need to finish it. We Have Unfinished Business!!