Mark "The Cobra" Hall


Mark remained close with many MMA fighters, trained and active, for several years. He used his connections to open up doors, both local and around the world, to inspire and recruit more people into the sport. Learn more about Mark’s years as a trainer and manager of fighters in his new book, Mark Hall "The Cobra" The Fine Art of Fighting.


Team Cobra in Mexico

Mark with Mexico fight promoters press conference


Mark Hall and Rigo Lopez, Mexico fight promoter


Mark’s Team Cobra fought with the S.C.A.T. (Street Combat Applications Training) Logo which Mark created in 1992. Mark put numerous hours towards training his team for in-house events, local events, and abroad. In 1998, Mark’s inaugural event placed his stable of fighters against Chuck Liddell’s stable of fighters in an action packed showdown at the “Stampede” in Temecula, California. To learn more about this event and his career as an MMA Fight Promoter see chapter 25 in his new book or click the link on this website, “Mark Hall The Promoter”.









Mr. Antonio Inoki, the World Famous Fighter and Godfather of professional wrestling, bank rolled Hall a fighting school in the United States to train American fighters for his new fighting organization in Japan. Hall grew up watching Mr. Inoki in the early sixties on Saturday Night Pro Wrestling. Mr. Inoki was also known for crossing over into the real fight arenas. In fact, Mr. Inoki was the Japanese fighter who fought Mohammad Ali in a very famous bout in Japan which was western boxing versus Japanese Martial Arts. Most famous people in Japan aren’t well known in the United States but most famous people in the United States are also well known in Japan. During Hall’s first trip to Japan, he learned he already had a fan club, was very popular among the fight fans, and his picture was already in several different magazines. Mark gained the nickname, “Giant Killer,” after his big win over Koji Kitao, the World Sumo Champion, at UFC #9 where he also won fighter of the night among an all-star cast of fighters including Dan Severn, Don Frye, and Ken Shamrock.


Team Cobra

Mark "The Cobra" Hall

Mark Hall and Mr. Antonio Inuki


Mark Hall and his girlfriend Laura were eating lunch with Mr. Inoki and his entourage at Nihons Sushi Bar in Temecula, California. Mr. Inoki’s protégée, Mr. Naoya Ogawa, is sitting in the back in a yellow and white striped shirt.



Mark Hall managed and accompanied Chuck Liddell’s brother, Mr. Dan Liddel, to Japan when he fought Naoya Ogawa.


Mark Hall and Dan Liddell in Tokyo Japan in 1998


Mr. Dan Liddell backstage in Japan

Live action Dan Liddell -vs- Naoya Ogawa


Team Cobra in Japan


Mark also trained and managed American fighters to participate against the Kingdom Fighting Organization in Japan.


Kingdom Fighters

Kingdom Fighting Arena


Learn more about Mark's fighting history and the history of his fighting stable in his new book available on Amazon.